Advent Thoughts

Wednesday, December 1
Luke 1:23-24

We could easily skip to the heaven-exploding birth of Jesus, but Luke isn’t quite ready to whisk us off to Bethlehem. We’ll read tomorrow about Gabriel’s next announcement in another town, but let’s stay with Elizabeth and Zechariah for a day. Since John will be conceived by human means, it’s important to notice a few simple words to which we can imaginatively add “the rest of the story.” Although Luke is the gospel author who emphasizes the lives and works of women, today we simply read, When his time of service was completed, he returned home. After this his wife Elizabeth became pregnant… Became pregnant! Think for a moment how faithful, mostly male scribes might have blanched as they sat at their wooden desks transcribing that understatement. God performed a miracle but Zechariah provides the means for the miracle.

And so it is for us. God may be on the verge of initiating a holy work in the life of a neighbor, family member, or child in a Tibetan village, but he often expects us to do the accompanying work. He frequently intervenes only after we’ve delivered a plate of warm cookies, sent an appreciative note, or a check. Or maybe smiled at a stranger.

Take time to think how God might be asking you to do the mundane in the midst of Advent days. Don’t miss out on participating in a miracle!

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