Life As It Is

My Monday Moments hasn’t dropped off the edge of the earth, nor has my Journey of Faith come to an abrupt halt. But since my husband’s diagnosis of pulmonary fibrosis late last spring, life is filled with unexpected priorities. A fifty-foot spiraled oxygen hose decorates our condo and the gentle hum of the oxygen concentrator has become our constant background sound effect. Fatigue is Bob’s constant companion and activities are limited although with the help of a classy wheeled walker, he can reach every corner of our small condo. (Did God know we would need this ground level, easy access housing when we moved three years ago?? A foolish question!) And when walking to car or from car to other destinations became too strenuous, we borrowed a sturdy transport chair from our church’s “medical equipment room.”

Lessons learned from earlier life-changing experiences sustain us along with God’s always present nourishing grace. We don’t take lightly the future consequences of this disease but neither do we forget that Jesus came as Immanuel: God with us. God with us in life as it is.

On Pentecost Sunday in June, while reviewing the past Covid epidemic year, our pastor used two challenging phrases uniquely crucial to our situation: Don’t walk out of this experience without being changed by the Holy Spirit and Don’t leave the forge of this experience without being tempered. 

While walking in this forge, Bob faces almost every day with a song in his heart and on his lips. He reads voraciously, prays intentionally, and follows doctors’ (and wife’s) orders. Usually with a smile!

The first Sunday of Advent is only three weeks away and my annual booklet of Advent Meditations is just about ready for the printer. Because of increasing postal costs, in addition to mailing to family and a few close friends this year, I’ll be posting each day’s thoughts on this site so be sure to share the news with your friends.

Stay tuned…

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