Advent Promises

Saturday, December 12
He energizes those who get tired, gives fresh strength to dropouts…those who wait upon God get fresh strengthIsaiah 40:29 (The Message)

With less than two weeks before Christmas, God’s message to Isaiah is not a promise for us to whip through stores, frantically search Amazon, or stay awake in morning’s wee hours to finish a project. Maybe you’ve already followed Dave Ramsey’s holiday advice:

  • Make a list (Lost my lists weeks ago.)
  • Avoid too many commitments (How to say no to her, Dave?)
  • Don’t wait until the last minute (Ha!)
  • Make a budget (What budget?)
  • Decorate minimally (I’m already down to pinecones & wrinkled ribbon.)
  • Get rid of clutter (Where do you suggest I put it?)
  • Ask for help (People run as I approach.)
  • Avoid family conflict (What world do you live in, Dave?)
  • Don’t overeat (No comment.)

You’re still tired and ready to drop out!

Could it be that Christians’ ranting at the “secularization” of Christmas, our refusals to declare “Happy Holidays,” our vigorous shouting at the world about the real meaning of Christmas contributes to the drain of our energy? In our attempts to keep Christ in Christmas (was he ever absent?), our energy is focused on what’s outside rather than on the source of fresh strength.

Lists, budgets, clutter removal, all can help make the holiday truly more a holy-day, but all are externals. It’s Isaiah’s last phrase that contains the foolproof prescription: those who wait upon God get fresh strength. Determine now to place WAIT at the top of the daily To Do List.

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