Advent Promises

Tuesday, December 8
I will send rain in season…He made the moon to mark the seasons…the Lord our God who gives autumn and spring rain in season…I will send down showers in season… He changes time and seasons…*

A friend recently said she senses God leading her into a new season. But along with that awareness came questions: What would a new season look like? What life change might occur in a new season? Was she ready—and willing!—for a new season?

If these Advent meditations are about promise, where’s the promise in the Bible phrases above? How can my friend rest in God as he seems to be leading her into new spaces or seasons?

Critical to seeking and understanding biblical truth is to take note of specific words, in this case, who is in charge of the seasons and what are the implications?

Whether it’s the liturgically dated season of Advent or the yet unknown seasons that lie ahead, note the words I, HE, LORD OUR GOD. Our honest questions about the future can—must—be accompanied by trust that is evidenced by gratitude for God’s sovereignty, love, grace, and care.

A good exercise in preparing for the seasons ahead is to make a list of seasons of the past when you had no road map to the future, when you lived in dark doubt, yet God kept whispering “go.” You set out on a path that became rocky with thorns snagging at your determination, people questioning and perhaps mocking, but somewhere deep inside you knew that the God who dictates seasons was beckoning you to a new season.

*Leviticus 26:4; Psalm 104:19; Jeremiah 5:24; Ezekiel 34:26; Daniel 2:21

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