This is the eighteenth year I’ve written Advent Meditations in pamphlet form for friends and family.* This year I’ve decided to expand my reading audience by posting an appropriate devotional on my blog each day of Advent beginning with an introduction this Saturday, November 28. If technology cooperates, i.e., if I correctly use technology😉, you can find words for the day on this site. My words aren’t a substitute for other Advent reading, perhaps something published by your church or words from authors far more skilled than I.

My own reading during these pre-Advent days has been a contrast in deep theology from Rev. Fleming Rutledge and more personal poetry from dear friend S T Kimbrough, Jr. Both mind and mind have been seriously engaged. 

This Thanksgiving day is a good time to review all of God’s goodness in spite of disease, discord, and disappointment. By faith we declare He is the same yesterday, today, and forever.

*Two years ago my creative children compiled and published seventeen years of my Advent writing in a book (still!) available on Amazon: Advent Meditations 2007 to 2017 by Marilyn J. Ehle.

Advent 2020

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